What is time? This question has been asked throughout history, but no authoritative explanation has been offered. People have tried to measure it more accurately or to calculate it as a physical quantity, but we are still individually unaware of the nature of time. This project asks, if we could better appreciate our personal experience of time, wouldn't we have a better comprehension of its general nature? The concept of time is too abstract for us to use language to describe it accurately, so the best way to understand it is to feel it.

In the first experiment, I redesign timing methods, making a video to measure different durations subjectively, unlocking minutes and hours from the standard clock. Measuring it differently only gives me a new perspective; to give others a new perspective I need to display it differently.

The second part redesigns the "display method" to show the time system of our lives through a motion graphic. The first part is explanatory, describing the essence of the standard time system based on cosmology, showing how a second can be used to measure a minute. Further interactions synchronize the audience's temporal perception with the real-time actions of the video, gently moving the viewer into a more and more intimate experience with their perception of time.

The third part of the project takes these observations and applies them to an interface for interaction between two mobile phone screens. These connect the users spatially and temporally to synchronize their experiences.